Dimensional Morphology

{ Dimensional Morphology } is a modular and systematic program study especially structured for the emerging generation, allowing creative practitioners to experiment collectively with visual elements in order to research, analyze, and decode the varying transformations which occur in our daily lives.

My symposiums prompt professional practitioners from various degrees of disciplines to question the normative behaviors in decision-making processes. Consequently, the questions always pose two contrasting opinions: the general notions (preconceived by society and civilization) and the unique, hypothetical concepts which require a series of testings. The later stimulates analytical revisions towards our ever-changing anthropocentric systems. The pedagogy of Dimensional Morphology focuses on formulating the questions and relations between the dichotomous principles.

The program of @dimensionalmorphology is made accessible through the generosity of PERMATABANK, SALIHARA ARRT AND CULTURAL CENTER, and TULISAN.

  • Format
    1. Pedagogy of a Practical Program Study
    2. Group Exhibition
  • RoleProject Owner
    Principle Lecturer
    Exhibit Designer
  • CommencementNovember 2017 - present