Bujangan Urban x Mein Lieber Prost

A curatorial exhibit on a visual art collaboration between graffiti activists, Bujangan Urban (Jakarta) x Mein Lieber Prost (Berlin), titled ‘GOODBYE JAKARTA, HELLO BERLIN’.


Bujangan Urban’s artwork and his distinct flower symbol have repeatedly initialized many walls and street junctions of Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bali, and even cities outside Indonesia. Coping with dyslexia, the artist uses his flower as a graffiti instrument to communicate with society in expressing both his various apprehensions and concerns about the existing social systems. Through several manifestations, Bujangan Urban has made his flower to be an urban iconoclast of its own. In turn, the flower has also paved new accesses for its creator in connecting with new territories and unfamiliar cultures.

  • Format

    Curatorship of 50 artwork

  • RoleCurator
  • CollaborationBujangan Urban x Mien Lieber Prost
  • Commencement03-09 October 2018