Amma Supahilo

{ Ruba’iyat Of Amma Supahilo } consisted of twelve single edition screen-printed illustrations (90 cm x 117 cm). The story behind the artwork was about the search for the most precious matter in life. This project involved complete reflection of all my creative pursuits, from storytelling, constructing rhymes, creating code or symbols, lettering and drawing.

In conjunction with this exhibition, Tulisan also introduced 18 different numbered and signed (editions of 24) serigraphy canvas totes, each reflecting meticulous craftsmanship and detailed illustration.

  • Format
    1. TULISAN Serigraphy Editions
    2. Character Design & illustration
    3. Fiction
    4. Symbols Design
    5. Exhibition: Artsphere Gallery
  • RoleIllustrator
    Book Designer
    Product Designer
    Textile Designer
    Font Designer
  • CommencementNovember 2010

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