Gerd Dreher

{ Gerd Dreher } bookmarks my first major nonfiction publication. It is a non-fiction literature regarding the work and life of Gerd Dreher, a German master engraver from Idar-Oberstein who is continuing a legacy of lapidary art in his family. The opus of his work, consisting of realistic animal carvings from rare gemstones, have been in many museums including the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia. This book reveals his working method and his family history as the fifth generation gemstone engraver.

I recognized the importance of documenting Gerd Dreher’s bespoke sculptures, his life, and his methodology. I decided to take a long inspirational break from my own work as an artist to write this book. His fine artisanal skill is extremely rare in today’s world, but what is most intriguing about him is his humble determination. Prior to writing this book, I spent almost one month in Idar-Oberstein truly getting to know this great man and observing his intricate and meticulous methods.

Gerd Dreher’s artistic legacy began generations before his birth when working conditions were acutely demanding and harsh. Compared to his forefathers, Gerd has lived in circumstances conducive to advancing his artistic skills. Gerd Dreher would be the first to acknowledge his serendipitous timing and as an homage to the men upon whose backs his legacy was built, he takes full advantage of his circumstances by flawlessly executing each lapidary sculpture. The lesson therein: to inherit artistic skills and trade secrets is merely the beginning; it is indeed another long battle within one’s own mind to realize the dream of becoming a true artist.

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  • CommencementApril 2015