Under the guidance of Stephanie Cooper at Central Saint Martins, I immersed myself in a five-day intensive course dedicated to redefining the boundaries of fashion. I aimed to encapsulate the essence of Bourgeois and Christo & Jeanne-Claude's artistry in a wearable form. This exploration culminated in creating a summer coat, a piece that embodies the spirit of a 'disobedient' human figure. The process began with the meticulous draping of a disproportionate mannequin to serve as the foundation of my design. The coat's construction involved careful sewing to achieve the desired fit, followed by the intricate art of embroidery to infuse the piece with intricate details. These details were not merely ornamental; they were a dialogue between contrasting emotions - the interplay of deep pain and the delicate allure of sweet carnations. I employed red ribbons, adding a sense of movement and drama. This piece is a statement, a fusion of art and fashion, and a testament to the transformative power of design.

  • Format
    1. Cutting Pattern
    2. Sewing
  • RoleDressmaker
  • CommencementJuly 2019