{ Anima }, much like a game of life, is a wild mix of luck and destiny. Indeed, a simple game of cards reveals the complex nature of our existence where wit and determination are great equalizers to convention and chance. According to Carl Jung (the founder of analytical psychology), the Anima is an archetype that epitomizes our truest self and is the ultimate source of our creativity. The awareness of our opposite self makes us a complete individual.

Ancient Greek philosophers believed that four classical elements were the basic constituents of all matter. These elements were Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. As we are mortal beings, all of our elements eventually return to the universe. Our flesh returns to the soil. Our blood dissolves to the sea. Our breath diffuses into the air, and the heat of our emotions dissipates into flames. It is a soulful pilgrimage to gain an understanding of the essence of this ancient philosophy.

Furthermore, each element corresponds to one of the four virtues of being (fluxion, vision, intuition, and equilibrium). Eastern philosophy suggests that it takes 12 years to complete a full cycle. Therefore my cards illustrate the following stages: suits 2-10 represent the 9 years for the level of mastery; the Jack is the completion level - the 10th year, Queen is the Yin energy in the 11th year and King is the Yang energy in the 12th year. Ace represents being naturally born with a specific virtue. You are lucky to hold the Ace card, but if you do not use it, it may well go to waste.

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    1. TULISAN Serigraphy Editions:
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  • CollaborationSébastien Théraulaz:
    costume illustrator
  • CommencementMarch 2015 – September 2015