{ Tulisan } means ‘handwriting’ in Bahasa Indonesia. This simple word is symbolic of making my mark while staying true to myself and sharing my experience with others. Since 2010, it began as a home-based art studio dedicated to empowering others, celebrating individuality, and caring for our world. Our design guild aims to accommodate artists from a diverse assortment of artistic disciplines and honor their craft. Illustration, literature, music, cinematography, dance, pottery, and woodwork have all been incorporated into our design process. Our brand was born in Jakarta—an eclecticcity where raw creativity thrives. Here in the land of lively shadow puppets, intricate batik, and epic folktales, inspiration is never far. To honor and nurture Indonesia’s artisanal legacy, we built our team around a talented collective of artists and dedicated craftsmen. We provide our artisans with wages and benefits that exceed market standards.

in my country, TULISAN products have been known as heirloom- quality memorabilia: hand-made using non-bleached (chlorine-free) cotton canvas, eco-friendly water-based inks, water-resistant PU (Poly Urethane) coatings, and certified nickel-free components with low impact/energy-efficient fabrication methods.

Since 2015, We established an alliance with an Indonesian Bluesign® certified manufacturing partner. Bluesign® swiss system monitors the responsible use of resources, clean processes, water and air emissions from the factory, worker safety, as well as the safety of our final products. In addition to our conscientious production practices, our items are made in small batches featuring prints designed to be enjoyed and collected for years to come. Our mindset is one of environmental awareness: Tulisan products are thus conceived and constructed to be adored for generations.

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    Fashion Brand, with 5 product categories:

    1. Art Print
    2. Bags & Accessories
    3. Home Wear
    4. Paper Products & Books
    5. Apparel
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    Creative Director
  • CommencementFebruary 2010