Surat No. 02: Persinggungan

{ Persinggungan } [ meaning: ‘Nexus’ ] examines the connectivity between human with his kin, human with a robot, and human with his inner spirit. ‘Cyber-Industrialization’, the third industrial revolution due to technological acceleration in cyberspace, has prompted several cultural shifts and intricate communication conflicts, leaving touch and empathy as an unfamiliar and rare language. It has changed many courses of living systems drastically; starting from the systems in trade, education, healthcare, politics, financial, culture, art, and humanity. this condition has urged people to explore modern mindsets in tackling conflicts and redefining personal identity.

My essay employed the set theory in mathematics, formulated by Georg Cantor, to visualize social and emotional connections between humans. The objective was to propose several perspectives in resolving communication conflicts within an organization consisting of two or more individuals (in workspaces, social community, or family).


  1. ‘Kristalisasi’ | Union of 2 sets or more: A process to unify of several different opinions to conclude in one objective and to come up with a better condition. In unity, humans will see better, think better and act better.
  2. ‘Kohesi’ | Complement of 2 sets or more: A process to view diversity as a complement to one’s character and a method to reach a more solid phase. When our differences are set aside, I comprehend that all humans are equal. We all love freedom, believe in tenacity, and despise unfairness.
  3. ‘Asimilasi’ | Intersection of 2 sets or more: A process of connecting two or more different ideas with openness and empathy, by initially defining the intersecting condition which eventually would make all parties operate better.
  4. ‘Lokus’ | Cartesian product of 2 sets or more: A process of finding the balancing locus within ourselves and the human connections. With this balance, everyone will earn self-independence and foster a better connection with others.
  • Format
    1. 6 Narrative Short Films of ‘Persinggungan’
    2. 4 Serigraphy Editions of TULISAN ORIGINALS
      (for the main product line).
      Title: ‘Kristalisasi’, ‘Kohesi’, ‘Asimilasi’, ‘Lokus’
    3. 8 Serigraphy Editions of TULISAN PRINTS
      (for the secondary product line).
      Title: ‘Gabungan’, ‘Perluasan’, ‘Irisan’, ‘Relasi’
    4. Book: ‘Surat No. 02: Persinggungan’
  • RoleVisual Essayist
    Product & Textile Designer
  • CommencementApril 2017 - December 2017