Komunitas Ayom

{ Komunitas Ayom } [ meaning: ‘Caring Community’ ] is a non-profit foundation with a mission in advocating the essence of empathy towards every living entity in this universe. For phase 1 of this social movement, we aim to build a rehabilitation sanctuary for stray domestic animals in Jakarta, currently housing 150 dogs and 50 cats. The main shelter is located inside a two-hectare green area which belongs to YAYASAN KDM (KAMPUS DIAKONEIA MODERN), another non-profit foundation that focuses on rescuing and educating abandoned street children. Many of these underprivileged children are abandoned due to the unfair social conditions of broken families or incarcerated parents. AYOM and KDM are closely working together from the start to form a long-term sustainable symbiotic environment for the stray animals and the misfortunate children. The goal is to provide a nurturing rehabilitation center for many of the traumatized children by giving them the opportunity to bond with the animals and to foster empathy. Through working with the animals in Ayom, we hope that the children will also gain valuable experiences that they may use in their future as professional pet trainers, groomers, and kennel administrators. These are promising professions in our country that can provide fair job opportunities for the future of these children. In turn, with proper care and much love, these stray animals will also get to an adoptable state faster.

  • Format
    1. Non-Profit Foundation
    2. Brand Merchandising
    3. Solitary Kennel Architecture
  • RoleFounder
    AYOM X-PROJECT Creative Director
    Fundraising Advisor
  • CollaborationKampus Diakoneia Modern
  • CommencementFebruary 2018 - present