Peta Sukacita

‘Peta Sukacita Selalu’ is Indonesian for ‘A Map to Everlasting Joy’. An actual event inspired my map project. I never enjoyed drawing maps. So, when I received the assignment, I struggled to keep myself excited. Then, oddly, just before the module started, my best friend took a solo bike trip from Jakarta to Jogjakarta to heal his broken heart from breaking up with his girlfriend (approx. 370 km in 5 days). A few years ago, he had surgery for cardiac catheterisation, so I was worried about his health and asked him to keep a digital logbook to help monitor his activity and health. Then, to distract him from thinking about his broken heart, I gave him a task to note nine conditions on each stopover point: (1) the geolocation, (2) nearby landmark, (3) address, (4) date and time, (5) emotional state, (6) heart rate, (7) distance from starting point, (8) story on the location, (9) nearby plant/animal.

  • CommencementJanuary 2023