{ Dodecaphony } is a synesthesia installation of 12 paintings and my visual extrapolation of the Serialism music pioneered by Austrian composer Arnold Schoenberg. His essay in 1950, ‘Style and Idea’, is filled with problem-solving insights prevalent in society today. In a crowded polarity of global conflicts, art and music often serve as a neutral platform for peaceful resolutions. As Schoenberg’s technique prompts that all 12 notes of the chromatic scale are sounded as important as one another in a musical arrangement, each my Dodecaphony painting also reflects repetitive formats of 12 chromatic color schemes in which each color takes on an equal property as all its color associates. then, as his method prevents the emphasis of any one note through the use of the 12 pitch classes, the even repetitions in my paintings demonstrate the principle of heuristic availability in decision making. The installation of these chromatic repetitions proposes a method of canceling out any preconceived idea or prejudice of any certain color and instead of stimulating the senses to be in harmony with that color range. The 12 paintings are to be displayed together forming a circular color wheel, with every complimentary pair facing each other. This spatial relation is specifically arranged to explore the concept of zero-sum in game theory, where every gain/loss is exactly balanced by another loss/gain on the opposite polar.

  • Format
    1. Acrylic on linen Canvas,
    2. Synesthesia installation, with sound.
  • RoleArtist and Essayist
  • CommencementJanuary 2018